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I'm actually posting on Livejournal!


Isn't that amazing?

" I went away on a government vacation
Wasn't the best time that I ever had
Shipped me back home from a secret location
My legs came back later in a plastic bag

Metal papers
Metal pens
Metal hearts
Metal hands

Memorise the rules and learn to behave
But when I got to school, I forgot (forgot)
So they put me in a special classroom
Where everybody is a robot (robot)"

 --------ROBOT HIGH SCHOOL, by My Robot Friend-------
Ever read the news?

The way the world is going, there's only two scenarios that I can see happening in the next century:


Now, I'm not really a Christian, but still... Everything points to it, don't they? After all, the alternative is a slow death through the flexing of Nature's muscles, so either way will still result in utter chaos and anarchy for a period of time. In this case, you will experience hell on earth for 7 years (not Christian). Good little christians, though, get to run away from the very start.

To non christians: Don't worry! If you die before redeeming yourself, you will just go straight to hell! Which is very likely, seeing how everything will be in utter chaos. If you can't get killed in a world of looting, murders, and rapes, in 7 years, who can? Oh, and there will also be a period where these little locusts will come out and drive you insane with pain - the worst pain you will ever experience in the world. Also, if you try to kill yourself because of these little pests, which you probably will, looking for an escape, you can't die! So we'll see a dramatic increase in the number of cases where the suicide victim will SURVIVE! Ever experienced a broken neck or a shot away jaw (and parts of the brain)? No?

...now you will know!

And the reassuring news: After 7 years, all good christians go to heaven. The rest of you? You go to hell, then you perish forever. Ain't that nice?


Humans are a pest to the world. That's generally accepted.

If the earth was compared to a clock, we've only appeared (at the earliest) at 11:58:43. Yes, that's only 1 minute, 17 seconds before midnight (today).

Why, tell me, should the world put up with a species that only appeared extremely recently, yet managed to kill the world in about ... 2 seconds?

We're stupid.

We may say all we want about saving the environment and all that jazz, but we won't actually do it, will we? You see, saving the environment now is like exercising. If you don't do it INTENSELY and REGULARLY, it just won't help. You might as well not save the world at all. Cos we all know we all hate to get off our asses to do something.

Maybe I shouldn't be so pessimistic, but please, tell me something that points to the contrary. Explain to me why human selfishness and greediness overrides all love towards the environment. Surely, surely, the polluters were kids once, and experienced the joy of the natural environment? Maybe when we grow up, our hearts die.

And living in a concrete jungle, how can we expect the next generation to save something alien to them?

I'll see you all underwater.

Oh, look, Blogger!

I made a blogger too!

Because orange is AWESOME.


Check it out! It's awesome, right? XD

(P.S: In case you didn't know, orange is my favourite colour)


Gosh! I hate doing Chemistry and IHS at the same time.

It sucks.

It sucks as much as a vacuum cleaner on overdrive in a black hole. Gee whiz.

Here are some random links, which you may or may not want to go. Haha!


Gee whiz, if you get scarred for life or some crap like that just because of these links.... you have a very weak mind.

Peace out, y'all.


The hell!?!?

Who took up spiralhead???





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